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XL Valet Tray in Old English Chestnut and Blue Gold

XL Valet Tray in Old English Chestnut and Blue Gold

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Introducing the Ultimate Premium Leather Valet Tray: Your Desk's Best Friend!

Tired of the clutter and chaos in your workspace during events or daily tasks? Say goodbye to the unsightly clipboard and hello to our exquisite Premium Leather Valet Tray. It's not just a letter tray; it's a desk organizer that transforms chaos into order.

Key Features:

📚 Ample Storage: This desk paper tray can hold magazines, remotes, and essential papers. No more searching for important documents; keep everything within reach.

📋 Elegance Redefined: Elevate your workspace with premium leather. Its rich texture and timeless design add a touch of sophistication to any desk.

🗂️ Inbox Organizer: Use it as an inbox tray for desk essentials. Organize your papers with ease, ensuring they stay neat and accessible.

📨 Letter Holder: Keep your correspondence in one place. No more lost letters or important notes; our letter tray ensures order.

🔒 Brass Snaps: High-quality brass snaps allow easy corner access, tested for durability, ensuring a satisfying click every time.

🌟 Versatile Organizer: This valet tray is not just for the office. Store EDC items, keys, coins, watches, and more—adding functionality to style.

🎲 Dice Rolling: Gamers, rejoice! This valet tray doubles as a stylish dice rolling basket, adding sophistication to tabletop adventures.

Transform your workspace with our Premium Leather Valet Tray. It's more than a letter tray; it's an elegant desk accessory that promises an organized and beautiful desk. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to productivity and style. Upgrade your desk today!

Snapped size: 11.5 x 9 x 2 inches


5.5 Ounce Oil Tanned Leather

100% Real Brass Snaps

Tough Polyester Thread

Gold Foil Decoration

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Care Instructions

Treat with a Leather Conditioner once a year. Follow the instructions on the conditioner product packaging.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews

Stylish, very high quality leather

Simple and useful

I gave this to my son to bring some otder to his bed table, and he loves the tray. I went for the bigger size which accommodates all manner of pens, change, wallet, work badges, etc.

durable and attractive leather tray for keys and other pocket items

This Tulip Tree leather valet tray is made of durable and attractive thick leather with buttons that snap together to form the sides. I like keeping it on a table near the front door so I can plop my keys and other items in my pockets in it when I get home. It's made in the USA.

Very sturdy

Great valet tray for my husbands keys, badge and wallet. Very good quality

vox unpopuli
great for travel

I ordered this leather tray for travel, since it packs flat, but makes for a nice caddy for your personal items when you are in a hotel room. This tray is made of quality weather and the fine workmanship is evident. I wanted something you could say purely utilitarian, and I feel like I got an absolutely top of the line example of it. Highly recommend.